Yuukoku No Moriarty Anime Review

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Is Yuukoku No Moriarty a Good Anime To Watch? In this Yuukoku No Moriarty anime review, I reveal my thoughts and opinions about it.

Info Box

Alternative Titles:– 憂国のモリアーティ
– Moriarty the Patriot
– Moriarty’s Patriotism
Type:TV Series
Duration:About 23 min Per Episode
Original Run:October 11, 2020 to December 20, 2020
Status:Finished Airing
categories:19th Century – England, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, thriller
Animation Studio:Production I.G
Licensed by:Funimation, Muse Communication
Content Rating:R – 17+ Due to violence
Main characters:Yuukoku no Moriarty main Characters List:

alphabetical order:
– Albert James Moriarty
– Louis James Moriarty
– Sherlock Holmes
– William James Moriarty
Secondary characters:Yuukoku no Moriarty Secondary characters list:

alphabetical order:
– Fred Pollock
– Inspector George Lestrade
– John H. Watson
– Miss Hudson
– Sebastian Moran
Opening Theme song(s):Yuukoku no Moriarty Opening Theme songs List:

Yuukoku no Moriarty Opening Theme song #1:
“DYING WISH” by Tasuku Hatanaka (畠中祐)
Ending Theme song(s):Yuukoku no Moriarty Ending Theme songs list:

Yuukoku no Moriarty Ending Theme song #1:
Related Anime:Yuukoku no Moriarty TV series list:

Yuukoku no Moriarty season 2: Yuukoku no Moriarty (2021)
Country of Origin of this anime:Japan
Source of this anime:Manga
As a side note:based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series

Pros And Cons Of Yuukoku No Moriarty:


Fantastic Story Lines!!!
With each episode passes by, the story gets better and better! Incredible suspense! I am looking forward to watching Yuukoku no Moriarty Season 2!

Fantastic Animation!!!
A bit graphic here and there, but overall, I love the art work!

Fantastic Characters!!!
Most of the characters, at least the names used in the anime, appear to be based on some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series. I have never read any of the Sherlock Homes series before, so I don’t know how much truth there is to it. Other than that, very unique and fascinating characters! I love it!

Nice Opening And Ending Songs!
I actually listened to the intro and closing songs from the beginning until the end. They are soOo catchy!


I love this anime!

A Video Of Yuukoku No Moriarty:

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