High-Rise Invasion Anime Review

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Is High-Rise Invasion a Good Anime To Watch? In this High-Rise Invasion anime review, I reveal my thoughts and opinions about it.

Why To Watch The High-Rise Invasion Anime?


Okay Opening And Ending Songs
The songs are okay, but they have a catchy beat though.


A Bloody Story Line
I feel like that the story is quite focused on violence and “showing female skins.”

Animation Is Quite Graphic!
The graphics and designs are a bit too focused on violence and “showing female skins.”

Okay Characters
Some characters are a bit annoying. Other than that, mostly violent interactions between characters with and without masks.

Loose Ending
Other than that, there is nothing really major worth noting.

What Is There To Know About The High-Rise Invasion Anime?

Alternative Titles:– 天空侵犯
– Tenkuu Shinpan
– Sky-High Survival
– Sky Violation
Type:Original Net Animation (ONA)
Duration:About 25 min Per Episode
Original Run:February 25, 2021
Status:Finished Airing
categories:Action, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Isekai, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Siblings, Supernatural, Survival, Thriller
Animation Studio:Zero-G
Licensed by:Netflix
content Rating:R – 18+ Due To Explicit Violence, Mature Themes, Nudity
Main characters:High-Rise Invasion Main Characters List:

alphabetical order:
– Honjou Yuri
– Nise Mayuko
Secondary characters:High-Rise Invasion Secondary characters list:

alphabetical order:
– Aikawa Mamoru
– Aohara Kazuma
– Dealer Kamen
– Ein
– Honjou Rika
– Kusakabe Yayoi
– Okihara Shinji
– Shinzaki Kuon
– Sniper Kamen
Opening Theme song(s):High-Rise Invasion Opening Theme songs List:

High-Rise Invasion Opening Theme song #1:
Ending Theme song(s):High-Rise Invasion Ending Theme songs list:

High-Rise Invasion Ending Theme song #1:
“Watashi no na wa Blue (わたしの名はブルー)” by Have a Nice Day!
Related Anime:None
Video Game(s):None
Country of Origin of this anime:Japan
Source of this anime:Manga
As a side note:None

What Does One Of The High-Rise Invasion Popular Anime Theme Songs Sound Like?

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