Hell Girl Anime Review

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Is Hell Girl a Good Anime To Watch? In this Hell Girl anime review, I reveal my thoughts and opinions about it.

Alternative Titles For The Hell Girl Anime:

  • 地獄少女
  • Jigoku Shoujo
  • Jigoku Shojo

To Watch Or Not To Watch The Hell Girl Anime?

My Reasons For Watching It:

Great Story Line
The stories are pretty good and interesting. They address the most common emotional and psychological human struggles anyone could encounter one day during one’s lifetime. Lots of great suspense! I love watching each episode. I look forward to watching Season 2 – Hell Girl: Two Mirrors.

Great Animation
The graphics and designs are pretty good. This is a classic art work from the 2000s anime era. I like it.

Mysterious Characters
The characters are quite interesting.

Good Opening And Ending Songs
The songs are pretty good. I like it.

My Reason For Skipping it:

A Loose Ending
Other than that, there is nothing really major worth noting.

What Is There To Know About The Hell Girl Anime? 

This anime’s country of origin is:Japan
The main source for this anime is:Original Work
Animation Studio:Studio Deen
Licensed by:Funimation, Madman Entertainment, Revelation Films

How Many Episodes Does The Hell Girl Anime Have?

Type:TV Series
Duration:About 25 min Per Episode
Premiered Season:Fall 2005
Original Run: October 4, 2005 to April 4, 2006
Status: Finished Airing

In What Genres Or Categories Does The Hell Girl Anime Fit Into?

Categories:Dark Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural, Thriller, Tragedy, Yokai

What Is The Recommended Age To Watch The Hell Girl Anime?

Content Rating:R – 17+ Due To Abuses, Deaths, Mature Themes, Violence

What Are The Characters’ Names In The Hell Girl Anime?

Hell Girl Main Characters List:

Alphabetical Order:

  1. Enma Ai

Hell Girl Secondary Characters List:

Alphabetical Order:

  1. Ai no Sobo
  2. Hone Onna
  3. Ichimoku Ren
  4. Shibata Hajime
  5. Shibata Tsugumi
  6. Wanyuudou

What Are The Opening And Ending Theme Song Titles In The Hell Girl Anime?

Hell Girl Opening Theme Songs List:

Opening Theme Song #1:“Sakasama no Chō” (逆さまの蝶; “The Upside Down Butterfly”) by SNoW

Hell Girl Ending Theme Songs List:

Ending Theme Song #1:“Karinui” (かりぬい; “Basting/ Temporary Sewing”) by Mamiko Noto

Are There Any Directly Related Anime To The Hell Girl Anime?

Hell Girl TV Series List:

NumberTitleEpisodesOriginal Run
Season 2Hell Girl: Two Mirrors26October 7, 2006 to April 6, 2007
Season 3Hell Girl: Three Vessels26October 4, 2008 to April 4, 2009
Season 4Hell Girl: The Fourth Twilight12July 14, 2017 to September 29, 2017

Are There Any Video Game Adaptations Of The Hell Girl Anime?

Hell Girl Games List:

NumberTitleGame ConsoleReleased Date
Video Game 1Jigoku Shoujo AkekazuraNintendo DSSeptember 27, 2007
Video Game 2Jigoku Shoujo MioyosugaPlayStation 2September 19, 2009

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