Gleipnir Anime Review

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Is Gleipnir a Good Anime To Watch? In this Gleipnir anime review, I reveal my thoughts and opinions about it.

Why To Watch The Gleipnir Anime?


Good Story Line
The beginning and some parts of the story are a bit weird. But overall, the story is decent yet a bit violent.

Quite Graphic!
The graphics and designs are good.

Interesting Characters
The characters are interesting.

Nice Opening And Ending Songs
The songs are good. I like it.


Loose Ending
Another than that, nothing really major worth noting.

What Is There To Know About The Gleipnir Anime?

Alternative Titles:– グレイプニル
Type:TV Series
Duration:About 23 min Per Episode
Original Run:April 5, 2020 to June 28, 2020
Status:Finished Airing
categories:Action, Ecchi, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Seinen, Superpowers, Thriller
Animation Studio:Pine Jam
Licensed by:Funimation, Medialink
content Rating:R – 17+ Due to Mature Themes, Violence
Main characters:Gleipnir Main Characters List:

alphabetical order:
– Aoki Clair
– Aoki Elena
– Kagaya Shuuichi
Secondary characters:Gleipnir Secondary characters list:

alphabetical order:
– Abukawa
– Alien = Uchuujin
– Aihara Miku
– Hikawa
– Ikeuchi
– Kasuga Isao
– Koyanagi Sayaka
– Madoka
– Mifune Nana
– Murakami Youta
– Sanbe Tadanori
– Subaru
– Uchuujin = Alien
– Yoshioka Chihiro
Opening Theme song(s):Gleipnir Opening Theme songs List:

Gleipnir Opening Theme song #1:
“Altern-ate-” by H-el-ical//
Ending Theme song(s):Gleipnir Ending Theme songs list:

Gleipnir Ending Theme song #1:
“Ame to Taieki to Nioi (雨と体液と匂い) (Rain, Bodily Fluids, and Smell)” by Mili
Related Anime:None
Video Game(s):None
Country of Origin of this anime:Japan
Source of this anime:Manga
As a side note:None

What Does One Of The Gleipnir Great Anime Theme Songs Sound Like?

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